DREAMRANDOM were appointed as UGOBET's digital & marketing partner in 2015. The first global brand campaign launched in the summer of 2015 with a new strategic and creative platform.


Online Gambling


Branding, Web Design & Development, Social Media


    We created UGOBET a brand new logo and also Brand Identity Guidelines to protect their brand across all of their major platforms. We created them a brand that we believed would engage with their target audience and also have a distinctive look and feel in the marketplace.

  • We believe that with UGOBET being in one of the world’s most competitive markets we really had to create a unique brand. We wanted to break away from the herd and stand alone. We want UGOBET to be the new powerhouse of the online gambling market. The campaign kick started a new wave

  • We have created in collaboration with UGOBET numerous advertising campaigns, promotions & social media campaigns. Look forward to seeing more of them in 2016 they will be disrupting the internet.

  • We worked closely with our client on building the look and feel of a website that encompassed community, for them it was not just about gambling but creating a community that shared experiences with the close working partners.

  • We worked closesly looking into all aspects of the branding ranging from desktop logos all the way down to favicons and app placements for the brand.

  • The average gambler according to recent studies shows that we spend 90 minutes a day glued to their phone or on the computer! We realised that the vision for the website had to be more than just content but be visually gauging and inviting.

  • With such a wide variety of games online we wanted to make sure that UGOBET’s catalogue was engaging and the games on offer were very clear and precise in their offerings.

  • UGOBET’s brand value’s are simple… Integrity, Honesty, Value, Responsible & an Ethical approach. These are the reasons why DREAMRANDOM were happy to partner with UGOBET.