GAFF.TV approached DREAMRANDOM wanting to re-design their branding and redevelop their website and social media profile.




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    We worked very closely with GAFF.TV to give their website and branding an overhaul, they wanted a new look and feel for the exciting content they would be presenting to their audience.

  • We created a completely new feel and brand from the YouTube thumbnails down to the website look and feel for universality with the new re-launch. They worked with us in creating enticing thumbnails that would catch the audience of their audience.

  • We worked with them closely to create a unique website, from the menu all the way down to the displaying of the content that would engage and captivate the audience, we devliered a website rich in colour design and usabiity

  • GAFF.TV created concepts that helped elevate the brand in communciation and created a buzz from National Outlets.

    Ashley Cole was featured in the Daily Mail and Nathan Dyer was featured in the Daily Star.

  • Woring with GAFF.TV we worked on the repsonsive nature of the aspects as over 83% of their site visits were on mobile devices we realised that the mobile layout needed to be easily accessibile and the information needed to be clear and concise.

  • We worked very closely with GAFF.TV on a communications aspect and even had two of their interviews published in National papers with worldwide coverage.

    • Ashley Cole was featured in the Daily Mail and Nathan Dyer was featured in the Daily Star.


    We worked with GAFF.TV and produced a balanced brand and web development alongside working closely with them on communications to get the brand in national papers,