ArmForce International


We were tasked with re-branding ArmForce International from the ground up. They wanted a clean and strong new branding that sat well with their ever-growing client base. We worked closely to create a full branding and redevelop their website to house the new offerings they had for their clients.


Close Protection Security


We worked on the branding and created a new brand identity, typography and colour palette. We worked closely with the team to re-imagine the website to encompass the companies new direction.


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  • We worked with ArmForce International to revamp their current branding, we wanted to incorporate strength and power with a clean feel in their look.

  • We worked on designing a new unique feel for their existing website. We worked on using bold colours and imagery to connotate their professional approach to the work they do.

  • Bold imagery and a strong typography helped in bringing the brand and content to life for ArmForce International

  • We incorporated everything from partners to team members in a sleek design layout with smooth transitions and clean photography.

  • We also considered the mobile layout for the website, with a mobile-friendly layout we give the user a great experience whether they are on desktop, tablet or mobile.