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What is a Community Manager?

If you think community managers are just tweeting and posting to Facebook all day, you are wrong. They are the person responsible for managing, building and moderating communities around a brand online. They are in charge, responsible to sustain, enhance and to defend the company’s relations with its customers.


The perfect community manager should:

Create and manage profiles. The community manager is responsible for creating and managing profiles on behalf of the company they work for. Also ensuring that these are uniform and truly reflect the spirit of the brand.

Listen to the social “noise”. A good community manager hears the “noise” generated by a brand in social networks and tries to answer questions such as: what interests fans and followers of the company? What content is more likely to be shared with others?

Growing community; the managers should increase their communities. Interacting daily with followers, online platforms (social networks, blogs and forums) and offline platforms (events, conferences and meetings).

At the same time, they take care about post status updates, tweets and posts where the quality is always the hallmark of the content.

Their task is to increase the quantity and quality of the user community brand in social networks.

Generate content; promotes generated content by the Social Web with the target audience of the company and gets new customers.

To achieve this, their main weapon is the dialogues, not monologues.

Join the conversation; this work involves answering online questions and comments immediately, to promote the brand on social platforms and build relationships with potential customers of the company.