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Rebrand does it always work?

Not sure what this “rebranding” achieves for one of the world’s most iconic soccer clubs. We’ll presume a marketing firm concluded a logo change would help sell Juventus gear in Asia.

Being that I love football so much Juventus rank up there with Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid & Bayern Munich as one of the worlds most iconic football clubs. I felt there was nothing wrong with the old logo.

You would think there was no problem with the logo but its seems as if 2017 has it and the club has decided to take a more clean and new age feel and look to its logo. Even if your not a fan of the new logo you may enjoy all the razzmatazz that’s come with the new logo launch.

The club has been subtly preparing fans for the transition to a “J” as their brand, introducing a zebra mascot named “J” in 2015 before referring to their home ground as “J Stadium” instead of Stadio Juventus. There is no J in the Italian alphabet – their name derives from the Latin word for ‘youth’

All in all I am not adverse to a little but of change hopefully as time passes the fans will warm to the new logo.