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The upside to using email marketing in my online strategy

We’re living in a world where using email is a very important tool to be using in the digital marketing world to promote your company, as it’s so powerful.

The benefits of implementing the use of email are:

  • Financially – Profitability as it’s extremely cost effective; you only need a small investment and you can save so much compared to other platforms.
  • Measurability – you can see in real time the effectiveness and profitability.
  • Prompt – allows a quick response from its users.
  • Segmentation – breakdown your users from interests based on the views and clicks from different outlets.
  • Interaction – you can include in your emailing calls to action for the user to interact with our message

Accessibility – you should adjust your newsletters to mobile format.

How to implement SEO on your YouTube channel

A platform that has been extremely successful for some but can seem daunting for most is YouTube. The production of the video itself can be time consuming if not done correctly. The editing, the content or even the upload to the site itself! Also to really be effective and prominent in your channel is to have regular videos uploads whether it is weekly or monthly.

Here are some points that you can check if you want to improve the positioning of your video in YouTube:

  • Put a “sexy” name to the video. A title that has brought very good keywords and you cannot stop looking at until you eventually click.
  • Select the labels for strategic YouTube. Look for labels related to the content of the video and choose words that are going to define it
  • Quality and short videos. Try not to overdo more than two minutes.
  • Extensive description of the video with many keywords. Searchers track descriptions and recognise keywords.
  • Include keywords in the voiceover video. YouTube has created a tool to capture the same player audio and caption.
  • You should regularly upload content. Google loves fresh content, so it is important to be updating your channel periodically.
  • Try to encourage likes and comments from your viewers. Perhaps a message at the end of the video and possibly incentivise it. You should interact with others YouTube channels of you same topic.
  • Share the videos on Google plus. The more you share, the more you get back!

Let’s talk about startups?

A startup is an entrepreneurial venture or a new business in the form of a company. A partnership or temporary organisation designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business. These companies, generally newly created, are innovative in a process of development, validation and research for niche markets.

The term became popular internationally during the dot-com bubble when a great number of dot-com companies were founded. Due to this background, many consider startups to be only tech companies, but this is not always true. The essence of startups has more to do with high ambition, originality, scalability and growth.

Which are their characteristics?

Nowadays all companies should embed these features:

  • No politics; ideas judged on their merits, not because of who brought the idea.
  • It is not work but a mission… A goal to achieve.
  • No mediocrity; you need to take risk.
  • Liquidity; you should to have enough money to start.
  • Equity; everyone is doing something important for the startup.
  • Perfect alignment; people placed in their ideal & productive position.
  • Excellent communication; speak fluently between your team so everyone is on the same page
  • A strong leader; someone to follow by example and is responsible.
  • Proactive; understand your clients needs and act upon them.
  • Enthusiasm; short but energetic and direct meetings.
  • Atmosphere; create an environment when work seems more relaxed and enjoyable.
  • Integrity; fill your team with confidence about what they do.