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The coming together of two icons – Naomi Campbell and Skepta

Naomi Campbell, Icon, trailblazer and arguably the most famous supermodel of all time. Skepta, Innovator, activist and again arguably the face of grime.

The coming together of two powerhouse icons will hopefully lead to a explosion of genius, as both Skepta and Campbell are heavily involved within the fashion industry. Skepta has previously demonstrated that his talents don’t just lie in music. After transforming the basement of Selfridges into a modern day souk, the Mercury Prize-winning grime star launched his debut clothing line, MAINS©.

What is Mains? The unisex collection, which Skepta referred to as a ‘clothing imprint’ was launched in the Summer of 2016. The launch included a lookbook and a short fashion film, which was shot in Morocco, it teased the aesthetic and showed off a single piece from the range, a genderless forest green tracksuit rendered in forest green with wide collars and braided detailing. In keeping with Skepta’s own style it’s discreet and ostensibly logo free.

At age 47, Naomi Campbell, one of the first supermodels of the world, is still influencing the fashion industry. Known for her exquisite classic features, royal walk and fierce attitude, Campbell has always spoken out about issues within the industry and continues to do her best to support and guide young aspiring models skillfully maneuver their way through the fashion industry.

What does the integration of Campbell and Skepta mean? The integration of two icons additionally leads to the integration of two industries, high end fashion and urban music a combination of traditional and modern.

The line between high end fashion and the urban industry has most definitely been blurred in the past years with collaborations between ASAP ROCKY X Guess, Supreme X Louis Vuitton and Versace X Adidas. It is safe to say with confidence that the line has been blurred or even vanished but could the coming together of two individual icons such as Campbell and Skepta be the trickle that led to a waterfall?

Chilling with MAINS© at the Selfridges launch

We were lucky enough to be invited to the MAINS© clothing launch at Selfridges, it was a great night with great entertainment and some famous faces from within the fashion industry as we all came out to see the launch of the brand.