Online marketers are constantly trying to find out more and more about digital analytics.

First of all we should make a small definition about what is marketing analytic just so we can understand why it is important for your company.

“Marketing Analytics is the discipline that uses available data to evaluate strategies and take the most appropriate measures to optimise the results of business decisions.”

It analyses all of the company’s business and strategies.

Here are some basic steps of how to be effective

  • Strategy is the basis of everything. To analyse it properly, you must know how to define it & set it up.
  • Know the most basic measuring tools, which provide the necessary data to make decisions.
  • Visualisation and interpretation of dashboards to make correct analysis.
  • Measuring ROI and models online and offline ability.
  • Predictive analysis to know what may happen in the future, based on current data, which requires knowledge of statistics applied to digital analytics.
  • CRM Analytics delves into the user’s knowledge and analyses things as important as the Customer Lifetime Value.

On the Internet, the future is much closer to the present.