There are a lot of brands and companies that offer the same services so you need to differentiate your brand. But how can you do it? As you will know, most companies use digital marketing tools. But which are the positive and negatives points of them?

We will explain it to you easily with this table:

Digital Marketing Strategy Positive Negative
Search Engine Optimization –(SEO) You will be on top.

You will increase your traffic.

It takes long time to be on top.

You need specific knowledge.

Pay-Per-Click – (PPC) It is faster.

Good for promotion.

It is very expensive.

You need perfect keywords.

Social Media Marketing – (SMM) Best feed-back with clients.

Speed Information.

Must be constant.

Be careful with the posts.

Now you know all the necessary about Digital Marketing Tools, so you have to choose, which one do you think is the best option for your company?