David Beckham is arguably one of the world’s most famous footballers of all time and has even been named as Britain’s most influential man by The Guardian.

Despite his humble upbringing, Beckham has accumulated a net worth of $450,000,000 (£470,000,000) as of  March 2017, which makes him richer than the British queen.


So, how did this happen?

In 1996 Beckham revealed that he was dating, then posh spice, Victoria Adams, who had a strong interest in fashion. Together they became representatives for high end clothing designers, health and fitness magazines, hair stylists, spa and recreation as well as for perfume and cosmetics. These opportunities launched Beckham’s fashion career and eventually the influence he holds amongst many around the world today.

By 2002, Beckham was named the ultimate ‘metrosexual’ by Salon Magazine, due to his extravagant and risque sense of style.



A large amount of Beckham’s fashion success is attributed to his collaboration with major brands, one being H&M. Even though this is not a high end brand, they often collaborate with superbrands and they hold a monopoly on the high street retail industry with 25.5m followers on Instagram. Beckham modeled underwear that retailed for £7.99, and that advert was played during the break of the world famous American superbowl game. The line was also a big success in the UK, especially on London’s Oxford Street, where the line sold out.

The decision to use Beckham was hugely beneficial to H&M as well as the star ex-footballer himself, as both parties were able to financially and publically benefit of the the sensationalist media storm the campaign created.

Collaborations with stars such as Beckham, create a ‘powerbrand’ which in turn creates a large commercial value in addition to extending outreach. This allows for a type of ‘double power’ used to market the product, in this case £7.99 underwear.

Although many celebrities have been successful with their collaborations, Beckham’s brand is unique. Arguably he appears to be more successful since retirement. He has the ability to get involved in a variety of different industries from Hollywood to the charitable sector. This makes him appear as relatable and therefore, is able to appeal to people from different backgrounds including age and social class.

The strength of this diversity within his brand is undeniably special and has been a support system for him during scandalous and turmoltual times. The relatable aspect of his work makes him an icon held in high-esteem by people worldwide.